About us

HAPPY BIRD is a METHODO’ brand. Thirty years of experience in ornithological sector. The excellence of complete birdfood and supplements for all ornamental and aviary birds.

The company cooperates with a technical team for the development of new products and the collaboration of internationally breeders/professionals for the testing of their products. Methodo has the aim of producing innovative birdfood that fully join the needs of animals, respecting the various stages of life.

The company offers a complete range of products: complementary and complete food, powder and liquid supplements, complete extruded and homogenized birdfood.

Where we are


tel/cell +39 335.60.85.693 – info@happybird.it

Production site: Via A.M. Ampere, 27 – 42017 Novellara (RE)

Registered office: Via A.M. Ampere, 33 – 42017 Novellara (RE)

P.IVA 01078310354


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Via A.M. Ampère, 19/21/23 42017
Novellara (RE) - Italy
+39 0522 6566

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